Responsive 3D Topographical mapping for building development.

Streamline real estate development in your browser.

Dynamically visualize existing and allowable building bulk and uses.

Improve team strategy.

Zoner displays zoning extents....

Search by map, address, owner

or block and lot...

and there you go...

What can Zoner do for you?

Providing timely, accurate, low cost real estate transparency.

Visualize 3D development, gain strategic insight, download reports, compare properties, and make an informed development decisions.

Enhance land use

Maximize unit counts

Parking Improvements

Building Stacking Plans, Mix Uses

Statistical data reports

Responsive 3D topography

Total Floor Area, Total FAR

Maximize building efficiencies

Concisely total allowable floor area of a development.

Get maximum unit counts with parking spaces and street trees.

Explore Building Types And Opportunities

Rapidly view and compare building types

Explore Building Geometry And Site Context

Find the best building or land use for a site specific project.

Conform to regulatory constraints.

Compare development schematics.

"ZONER is exactly the sort of thing real estate development in New York needs."

Hugh Hardy


New York City Zoning resolution


Site specific 3D visual and statistical reports

4000 pages of zoning text distilled into simple visual reports

Zoner eases decision making

...motivates teams.

Mixed Uses Options

Building bulk types

Building Bulk Types

Buidling Setbacks, And Restrictions Easily Explained

Special Districts and Commercial Overlays clarified

35,000 landmark buildings and historic districts realized

Building Uses, community facility bonus, and more

Lot Mergers, and transfer of development rights

Zoner; save time and money.

Accuracy and speed

Explore Building Geometry And Site Context

Rapidly prototype building types, use, & envelopes

2 dimensional maps, and 3D mapping interface

Zoner is built for

Architects, developers, investors, owners, brokers, real estate professionals, city planners, legal teams, and municipal governments.

Most complete analytics for zoning, taxes, and real estate feasibility

Explore file type options downloads to enhance your team's productivity.

"Everyone knows the New York City zoning resolution is opaque and confounding; an application to demystify zoning analysis is not just welcomed, it's essential!"

— Joseph B. Rose

Chairman, New York City Planning Commission, 1994–2002

Plan for less environmental impact; add green space.